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A Day at House of Academia

House of Academia focuses on children with special needs, from kindergarten to 12th grade. We provide small class sizes and low faculty-to-student ratios.

Our curriculum encompasses a rigorous blend of academic subjects and intensive therapeutic support that addresses the three major learning challenges: language processing/production, sensory regulation, and socially effective communication.

Everyday experiences, such as following teacher directions or participating in a group, can overwhelm children with multiple learning differences.

Self-regulatory and sensory integration strategies used throughout the day, such as chewing gum, wheelbarrow walking, jumping rope, or climbing a rock wall, help students to focus and achieve learning readiness.

We teach children to apply strategies that help them to listen, to attend, and to complete activities independently.

Making Friends

Helping students build strong positive relationships with their peers is a primary goal at Academia Private School.

While our students possess average to above-average cognitive potential, they often misread social cues and become confused or frustrated by situations such as sharing a favorite book with a classmate or determining who to sit near during lunch.

Because friendships play such a crucial role in building a child’s self-confidence and self-esteem, The House of Academia curriculum is designed to reinforce both verbal and nonverbal social skills, such as eye contact, body language, personal space, turn taking and tone of voice.

A Partnership with Parents

We share with our parents a deep sense of responsibility for the success of their children. Members of The School team work together with families, sharing information about academic and social issues in order to help meet student needs.

By maintaining communication between school and home, we gain a thorough understanding of every child who attends School. This close working partnership is essential for creating real opportunities for progress and growth throughout the school year.

Carryover of the program at home produces even greater benefits.

Educational Model

We provide the highest quality special education services to students who learn differently. We believe in doing everything we can to ensure that no child is left behind academically by providing our students with an exemplary education.

Certified special education teachers and paraprofessionals plan each student’s individual program to match their developing abilities while encouraging each to reach his/her maximum potential.

Individual and small group instruction utilizes a variety of strategies, materials, activities, and experiences to challenge and motivate the students to develop their cognitive, motor, communication, social, emotional, vocational, and self-help skills.

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