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How to Apply to House of Academia

How to Apply

Applicants considered potential candidates for admission will be invited to the school for a screening with staff. The Admissions Committee will conduct an interview with the parents/guardians. Each prospective Academia Private School family must take the following steps to complete the application process:


Schedule Parent/Student Interview

To begin the admissions process, prospective parents are required to have an informal meeting with the school administration. During the interview, parents discuss the student’s academic concerns and desired goals.



Families looking to get their children admitted to Academia Private School must submit an application.


Supporting Documents Submitted with the Application

Refer to the list of required documents and submit them along with the applications.


Notification of Acceptance

Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis throughout the academic year. Parents will receive a response after all the required application materials have been submitted.


Referrals are typically made to the Admissions Coordinator by school districts. Parents/guardians will be sent application materials to complete, and a school tour will be scheduled. The Admissions Committee then reviews submitted applications to determine if the student is appropriate for admission consideration.
Referral can be sent to

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