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We offer different packages based on your child's needs.
Math Tutoring

Our after-school Math Tutoring program teaches your child to see math as a life skill as opposed to a mundane classroom discipline. At House of Academia, we utilize a variety of teaching methods and other tools to improve student comprehension and retention of math skills. Our use of hands-on learning, relevant and attention-grabbing visual aids, and worksheets geared for your child’s level of learning are only a few of the methods used to make math add up for each of the students we work with. Not only will they better understand how each concept works, but they will understand why and how it benefits them.

English Tutoring

The abilities to read, write, and analyze are not just essential for success in the classroom but these skills are critical for success in all aspects of life.

The tutoring program at House of Academia uses a variety of educational but still enjoyable methods to meet each student’s needs. By enrolling in the English Tutoring program, parents can rest assured that our tutors will assist students in
• Learning the proper usage of the English language
• Expressing and representing themselves adequately and properly through writing
• Discovering the creative worlds that can be enjoyed once understanding how to read and write

Science Tutoring

House of Academia’s Science Tutoring program brings students to a higher level of learning by using the laws of science to understand how hypotheses become facts. Our tutors use tangible and intangible methods of learning to give students an appreciation of the major science disciplines.

There is more to Science than what meets the naked eye. Much of what is exciting is understanding what we cannot see, and our tutors are here to help your child understand that as well. Our students may learn about how our bodies work, what keeps stars suspended in the sky, or how the internet works. No matter the topic, your child become more aware and excited about the vital role Science plays in their lives.

Social Studies Tutoring

Tutoring in Social Studies at House of Academia helps students to better understand our history and the world in which we live. From Geography to World and U.S. History to Government, Social Studies affects all of us from grade school and beyond.Our tutors will assist your child in learning about these subjects with map reading, reading strategies, visual discovery, sequential questioning, and discussing/looking at artifacts.