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Hello and thank you for visiting us at House of Academia. More so, you are to be commended for your commitment to your child's success in education. The mission of House of Academia is to empower the next generation of achievers but we can only do that when parents care enough about their children’s future to ensure that they get the personalized attention and specialized learning experiences they need. This can begin at any age, from preparation for preschool, to focused tutoring in Math, English, and Science through high school, to college placement testing (ACT/SAT) preparation.
While it is understood that high grades and test scores are key, we never lose sight of the role that the student’s enthusiasm for a subject plays in their success with that subject. Our team is adept with students age 5 to 18 and we foster enthusiasm for Math, English, and Science by showing them how the subject applies to their life.
I take great pride in being part of House of Academia and in helping educate, develop and empower our future generations of achievers.

Our Vision

House of Academia’s vision is to ignite a desire and excitement within each student that inspires lifelong learning.


Our core objective is and always will be to ensure the growth and academic success of our students. Our children are our future and it is the desire of House of Academia to ensure that the needs of our children are met.