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Welcome to House of Academia

House of Academia is where students of all ages can receive the best in education and enrichment.
House of Academia's vision is to ignite a desire and excitement within each student that inspires lifelong learning. In order to make that vision a reality, we will provide an environment that offers encouragement, understanding, and a drive to reach their full potential.

At House of Academia we offer:

  • Private School for Special Needs Students
  • Tutoring in All Subjects, K-12
  • SAT and ACT Test Preparation
  • ESOL Classes and Private Tutoring

When students attend House of Academia, parents can be confident that their children are receiving the best possible customized learning experience from highly trained teachers and other staff who truly care about each individual student's educational needs, their development, and their success.

Private School

  • Private school for special needs students with customized curriculum to meet children's individualized academic needs.
  • *Registration fee applies

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  • Tutoring packages included 9 hour-long sessions per month, and students can drop-in anytime during instructional hours.
  • *Assessment fee applies, when applicable

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  • Individual (one-on-one) tutoring and practice.
  • Group classes that allow students to study and prepare with their peers.
  • *Assessment fee applies, when applicable

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ESOL Classes

  • Group classes meet one to two times per week, depending on level, and ESOL learners work with peers.
  • Individual (one-on-one) tutoring is available upon request.
  • *Registration fee applies

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Maximize Your Preparation

Certified Instructors and Tutors

Our highly trained teachers and instructors truly care about each individual student’s educational needs, their development and their successes.

Convenient Scheduling

We offer tutoring sessions in a setting suited to your child’s needs. Sessions are offered Tuesday and Thursday from 3-7. Each session is for 1 hour scheduled in advance.

Complete Education Solution

House of Academia is the place where students of all ages (kindergarten through high schools) come to receive the very best in educational enrichment.