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House of Academia offers tutoring services for the SAT and ACT. These classes assist your high schooler to hone their time management, organizational, essay-writing, computational, and all-around test-taking skills for the purpose of preparing them to enter the world of post-secondary education and potentially setting them up for success in their career and in life.


Standardized tests like the SAT and ACT have become more important than ever over the last 25 years as colleges have used them to evaluate applicants with average school records. The SAT is considered to carry more weight as criterion for admissions than it did 15 years ago.
As students apply to the college of their choice, they are competing with other students for admission. It is important to know that SAT/ACT scores are a significant ranking category for schools. GPA is not a ranking. This means that students with a high GPA and low/no SAT/ACT test scores are passed over for admissions while students with a lower GPA and higher SAT/ACT test scores are shown preference.

SAT and ACT Prep

House of Academia’s SAT/ACT Prep Program is dedicated to helping your child achieve the highest possible score on their college entrance exam(s).

The SAT/ACT prep program offers:
• Small Group Classes and practice sessions

Small Group Classes and practice sessions allow students to work in groups or teams to learn and study together and practice taking the test in a similar environment to what the actual test setting will be.

• Build necessary reading and analytical skills
• Hone writing skills and increase vocabulary
• Increase ability to compute math without a calculator
• Increase ability to follow mathematical formulas
• Gain command of time-management and test taking skills
• Be more confident in their ability to handle the rigors of a college education.

With successful test scores, your child increases their chances of being admitted into the college or university of their choice in addition to potentially being offered scholarships toward their education.


By allowing House of Academia to be part of their SAT/ACT preparation, your student will:

  • Increase their chances of obtaining choice scholarships and grants for their education
  • Increase their chances of being admitted to colleges and universities known for their excellence in education
  • Be more confident in their ability to handle the rigors of a college education